Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ted Haggard Homosexual Hypocrite and Now Unemployed

Do you know Ted Haggard? Haggard was the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals and pastor of New Life Church. It was here that he railed against homosexuals and opposed same sex marriages.

Why is he unemployed? Did he lose his job to overseas workers? Did the economy make the church downsize? No, it's none of the above.

Another sex scandal has erupted. This time, Grant Haas has come out about his relationship with homophobe and homosexual Ted Haggard. Grant Haas met Haggard in 2005 and confided to him that he was kicked out of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for his "struggles with homosexuality."

Grant Haas then says as soon as he told Haggard this "his eyes lit up and he treated me differently.

I guess so Mr. Haas. Mr. Haggard is himself a closet homosexual who hates homosexuals and himself for being one.

Haas's admission to Haggard then led to an encounter in 2006 in a hotel room where Haggard "performed a sex act in front of him". That pretty much means he was jerking off in front of him. Haggard may try to persuade you that masturbating in front of another guy is not gay, but it is.

This probably wouldn't be such a hypocritical story, after all or so far, he isn't molesting kids, but Haggard has a previous run in with those "damned Homosexuals".

See, Haggard had a previous scandal when he hired Mike Jones of Denver for a massage and for methamphetamine, but said he did not have sex with him and did not take the drug. Yes. Mr. Haggard just purchases methamphetamine in case he needs it. Mike Jones came out of the woodwork when he realized who his client was and that hypocrite Haggard opposed same sex marriage.

Haggard was seen as a powerful conservative and often has press calls with the White House during the last eight years.

Below you can watch Ted as he tells everyone that, well, he is a homosexual. This was the first time. Then Ted went to rehab and got cured...????

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