Tuesday, January 06, 2009

PA Senator demands 50 million from Verizon Exec

So an industry wants to have a law passed. Yes. This usually leads to some type of backroom dealing. The only problem this time was that the exec turned to the press after hearing the demands from one Pennsylvania senator.

Daniel Whelan, the retired Verizon executive, testified about the alleged demand for the bank deposit from Sen. Vincent Fumo.

The alleged demands by Sen. Vincent Fumo included $15 million for a small Philadelphia charity linked to him; $10 million for neighborhood redevelopment in his district; and $10 million in deposits at Pennsylvania Savings Bank, the Democratic lawmaker's family bank.

Fumo left office in November after a 30-year career in the state capitol and opposed Verizon's plan for deregulation.

Once again, we see that to play you must pay. Laws do not get passed on merit or what a legislator believes is best for his voting base.

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