Friday, November 24, 2006

Scooter Libby

So who actually was the one that leaked a CIA agents name to the press. The Bush Administration would like you to think that it was Scooter Libby. More evidence shows that Libby could just be deflecting trouble from Dick Cheney.

So were their any federal laws broken?
That would all depend. The federal law is setup so that if someone leaks an operative's name knowing that they are a federal agent, they are breaking the law. If someone leaks their name without knowing, then no crime is committed.

It would be highly unlikely that Cheney would not know that the woman who was leaked to the press was not an agent. Cheney most likely can join the list of other crooked politicians who will break the law when they know loopholes or just believe nothing will come of it.

Way to go Dick Cheney!!

Now put down the rifle before someone loses an eye.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Mark Foley

Creep,pedofile,and hypcrite Mark Foley continues to feel the wrath of the media and his own Republican Party as reports say he had sex with a 16 year old male page and one Republican law maker warned him about his emails to pages as far back as 2001.

Foley is currently treating his alcoholism in a treatment center and probably no less trying to get some sympathy.

Just more bullshit from a politician caught with their pants down. No pun intended.

Why can't these guys ever just say, "Yeah! ya got me. I screwed up big time."