Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ted Haggard Homosexual Hypocrite and Now Unemployed

Do you know Ted Haggard? Haggard was the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals and pastor of New Life Church. It was here that he railed against homosexuals and opposed same sex marriages.

Why is he unemployed? Did he lose his job to overseas workers? Did the economy make the church downsize? No, it's none of the above.

Another sex scandal has erupted. This time, Grant Haas has come out about his relationship with homophobe and homosexual Ted Haggard. Grant Haas met Haggard in 2005 and confided to him that he was kicked out of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for his "struggles with homosexuality."

Grant Haas then says as soon as he told Haggard this "his eyes lit up and he treated me differently.

I guess so Mr. Haas. Mr. Haggard is himself a closet homosexual who hates homosexuals and himself for being one.

Haas's admission to Haggard then led to an encounter in 2006 in a hotel room where Haggard "performed a sex act in front of him". That pretty much means he was jerking off in front of him. Haggard may try to persuade you that masturbating in front of another guy is not gay, but it is.

This probably wouldn't be such a hypocritical story, after all or so far, he isn't molesting kids, but Haggard has a previous run in with those "damned Homosexuals".

See, Haggard had a previous scandal when he hired Mike Jones of Denver for a massage and for methamphetamine, but said he did not have sex with him and did not take the drug. Yes. Mr. Haggard just purchases methamphetamine in case he needs it. Mike Jones came out of the woodwork when he realized who his client was and that hypocrite Haggard opposed same sex marriage.

Haggard was seen as a powerful conservative and often has press calls with the White House during the last eight years.

Below you can watch Ted as he tells everyone that, well, he is a homosexual. This was the first time. Then Ted went to rehab and got cured...????

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

PA Senator demands 50 million from Verizon Exec

So an industry wants to have a law passed. Yes. This usually leads to some type of backroom dealing. The only problem this time was that the exec turned to the press after hearing the demands from one Pennsylvania senator.

Daniel Whelan, the retired Verizon executive, testified about the alleged demand for the bank deposit from Sen. Vincent Fumo.

The alleged demands by Sen. Vincent Fumo included $15 million for a small Philadelphia charity linked to him; $10 million for neighborhood redevelopment in his district; and $10 million in deposits at Pennsylvania Savings Bank, the Democratic lawmaker's family bank.

Fumo left office in November after a 30-year career in the state capitol and opposed Verizon's plan for deregulation.

Once again, we see that to play you must pay. Laws do not get passed on merit or what a legislator believes is best for his voting base.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Soon time for George Bush to leave office

How times flies when you are fucking up the whole country.

Yes. In just a few months one of the worst presidents ever will leave office. His legacy will be......I don't really know. George Bush may be remembered for the many bad interviews, bad presidential addresses, and more importantly, bad decisions.

An asshole like this should give hope to idiots everywhere. If they are rich, have good connections, and not much in intelligence, then they too could be president someday.

Bush has not done anything right from a domestic standpoint to any international ones. Other nations as well as his own view him as an idiot and give the U.S. a black eye.

There is without any question that whoever the next president is they will do better than Dubya Bush

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tom Delay and the world of corruption

Tom Delay, former House Majority Leader, was forced to step down from his position in 2006 and of course decided not to run for reelection.

The Texas Republican was twice indicted by grand juries on charges of bribery and influence peddling.

Mark one up for another greedy hog who forgot about his position and only worried about his wallet.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Strom Thurmond - The ultimate hypocrite and racist

James Strom Thurmond was a state senator from the state of South Carolina. Holding this position from 1956 to April, 1956 and then again from November 1956 to 2003, making him the longest serving senator until he was passed by Robert Byrd.

He also held the longest filibuster ever in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Although, he later moderated his views on race, his hypocrisy showed much later when Essie Mae Washington-Williams came forward right after his death.

You see Mr. Thurmond did have an attraction to the African-American women.

White supremacist Senator Strom Thurmond, whose long political career had been built upon racial segregationism, it was not until after his death in 2003 (at age 100) that Essie Mae Washington-Williams came forward to reveal that she was the daughter of Strom Thurmond, who had impregnated her then-16-year-old mother, an African-American maid working for the Thurmond family in the 1920's.

Our hats are you to you wherever you are. Most likely hell for being such as ass. You want to deny people basic rights, while at the same time having sex and impregnating a 16 year old girl.

Way to go!